How much does it cost to feel better?

According to research, approximately 8 out of 10 people are better off after therapy than the average person who does not have therapy and the more sessions you have, the more benefit you will receive - so more therapy = more effective.

But what if you can't afford to spend an indefinite amount of time in therapy?

Well, 10 sessions with me as your therapist (costing £400) will usually get us to a point where we have a good depth of understanding about your problems - where they came from and why you have them. And for many people, this can be just enough for them to continue on their own, changing their lives for the better.

We can't change stuff when we don't know the root cause of our problems. But with my professional help, being solution-focussed in pre-agreed short-term therapy of 10 sessions, we can dig down to uncover how you got to feeling the way you do and how to go about changing things.

But I can't afford £400

I completely understand that in our current financial climate £400 seems unachievable for many people. But when we think about our finances creatively, we can usually find a way around affording therapy. For example, selling unwanted household items on Gumtree or Ebay, temporarily dropping small luxuries like that daily Starbucks, or even making & taking sandwiches instead of buying lunch out can all add up to enough savings to afford 10 sessions over a fairly short period of time.

Why should I pay for therapy anyway?

That's an interesting question. In an ideal world, our NHS mental health services would be able to accommodate and help every person going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, even with the best will in the world, it's hard to see how this could ever be achievable.

According to the charity MIND, approximately 1 in 4 people will suffer with a mental health problem every year in the UK - that's over 16 million people! Every year!

The other thing that strikes me is that nobody questions the notion of paying a Physio, Acupuncturist or Osteopath privately when they injure themselves physically and would like help with this urgently, but there is an assumption that treatment for a mental health problems really ought to be free and immediate.

I honesty wish I could provide my services for free to the general public whilst being paid by a different source, but at the moment no such pot of money exists - and like most people, I too am burdened with a mortgage and rising household bills.

Getting back to the post's question - how much will it cost to feel better? The answer is it depends on the person and the problems they bring with them to counselling, however, 10 solution-focussed sessions for £400 is a damned sight better for most people than none.