Do I need Therapy?

By the very fact that you're on this website, the answer is 'probably', but Therapy is only going to be effective if you really want to explore and change. Therapy is about understanding how and why we feel the way we do. It's about recognising and understanding your unhelpful feelings and thinking styles which are holding you back. Before therapy we all carry these negative feelings with us but good therapy can be completely life changing.

Because Therapy changes the way you feel about the world, it can leave you feeling calm and in control which often has knock-on effects on peoples family relationships, friendships and career choices. When you get in touch with the real 'you' (or your Authentic Self as Therapists call it) it can be incredibly powerful, enabling you to be free from all the unhelpful stuff of your past and aware of exactly what makes you tick.

But Therapy can't be 'done to you' - it's an equal dynamic partnership between the Therapist and the Client. As a Therapist, my role is in helping a client dig right down to find out what's really going on for them, but in order to be effective I expect my clients to work equally hard on changing whatever it is we uncover.

Whether it's family problems, addictive behaviours, anger management, anxiety or depression, we all need a little help from time to time to find a better way of feeling and thinking and no problem is ever too big or too small to bring to therapy. ​ And in case you were wondering: talking about how you feel isn't 'shameful' or 'weak' or shows 'there's something wrong with you'. I believe coming to therapy shows great strength as it demonstrates you recognise there's a problem and you're prepared to do something about it.