Independent Practice

I am an Independent Therapist; that means by choice I do not belong to any counselling organisation.

My contract is with you as a client and as long as we contract well on how we'd like to work together, I believe we can tackle any problems as a partnership.  I will always listen to you and will work hard to understand you and help you understand me.  Ultimately, I am always on your side.

Below I set out more information about what my Independent Practice looks like & if that feels right for you I really look forward to working with you.

My Core Values

My Contract

This is the contract for working that I offer to clients.  It can be amended to suit any individual client's needs.  Contracting is the best way to negotiate any human relationships so it's important we agree on how we'd like to work together.


  • I believe in keeping the client's material confidential, with the possible exception of:

1. Supervision with an experienced practitioner. 2. Fulfilling a medical or legal requirement. This would normally be

discussed with the client.  I keep anonymous notes of each session on a password protected cloud.

  • If I have to cancel a session I will give you as much notice as possible & will offer an alternative


  • I will always behave with honesty and integrity and will have your best interests at the core of our
    work. I will not judge you and I will commit to never causing you intentional harm. I will also be honest

with you if I feel I’m not able to help you.

  • I do not accept liability for anything beyond my control such as the loss of, or damage to any of your personal

property; personal injury including the development of any medical or psychiatric conditions during or

after our work together.

  • All content shared in sessions is for information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice or

to diagnose and treat any disease or serious health condition.

  • I will commit to helping you discover why you’re feeling the way you do and will guide you to

understanding how to feel better. I won’t coerce you, but respect everybody is a unique individual

and goes at their own pace.

  • I will work within my competence and will be open about any areas that I don't have expertise and may even undertake extra study in order to help you.

  • I commit to my own personal and professional development and I am constantly learning.

  • I take responsibility for dealing appropriately and promptly with any problems which arise between myself and my clients.

  • I commit to undertaking Supervision with an experienced and qualified Supervisor once a month in order to practice safely.


  • To commit to the process and attend sessions regularly or to let me know if you want to leave therapy

– I will always respect your decision. Therapy is only successful if you have the intention to feel better and it takes hard work to achieve this.

  • To pay for each session in advance of each session.

  • To give me at least 24 hours notice if you can’t attend a session. Some events are unavoidable, but a

regular cancellation of sessions may result in an invoice being issued for time lost.

  • To be as open as you can be to the process. This work is powerful, transformative self-inquiry that

may activate physical, emotional, and/or psychological reactions and you will be required to take full

responsibility for your participation and self-assessment/self-guidance in and around the work offered.

  • To agree to not seeing other therapists whilst we’re working together in order to avoid confusion in

both yourself and myself.

  • To not contact me via social media.

  • To accept that I can’t be on call for my clients 24 hours a day and to therefore contact a more

appropriate service, such as the Samaritans, should you need extra support in between sessions.

  • To bring to my attention if you feel a session hasn’t gone well and to be open to exploring why you

might feel that way and how we can remedy the situation together. I will not be angry with you, upset

or offended by anything you say.

I am a registered business with the Common Law Court (www.commonlawcourt.com) and fall under Common
Law jurisdiction. Universal, Equity and Common Law underpins my practice.


I am guided by:

Universal Law : dignity : honesty : truth : integrity : transparency : autonomy : self-determination : authenticity : sovereignty : liberty : empowerment : openness : curiosity : exploration : quantum consciousness : one size does not fit all : reaching full potential : humanistic person-centred principles : solution-focused approach : rational optimism : co-operation : kindness : empathy : understanding : freedom of speech : creativity : fun : joy : gratitude : anti-authoritarian : caring : knowledge is power : nature : intuition : the universe : equity : equality : quantum psychology